The below is a fictional example of how much money you could potentially save by using our services.

Imagine renting a 14.000 kroner per month apartment in Copenhagen, and using us as your relocation agent. You save money by:

  • Not needing to sign up on various online housing portals: 500-1.000 kroner
  • Only paying 2 instead of 3 months prepaid rent (because of our negotiation skills): 14.000 kroner reduction in your upfront payment
  • Getting a reduction of 300 kroner per month in rent because of our good relationship with the landlord: 3.600 kroner per year
  • Getting 2 months deposit back at the end of your tenancy, because of the move out report that we prepare for you: 28.000 kroner

And as everyone knows, time is money. So how much is the time worth that you have saved by having us work for you?

Send us an email at and let us save some money for you.