Service & Price Overview

Charlie’s Roof is a totally new kind of relocation company. Our goal is to give you a tailored service at the best possible price. Your needs are what’s important to us; you are not a number on a spreadsheet or another case we want to get ticked off our to-do list. Each client can assemble their own custom package of services, choosing only the services most relevant to their needs. You will then work with our team of dedicated agents who have themselves experienced the challenges and opportunities of relocating, but who also know Danish society and its rental market inside out. Our business operates on the premise of good relationships with landlords, but we remain 100% independent in order to have access to all potential housing options and to maintain complete objectivity.

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Below you will find our services and prices. You can also download a price list here (PDF format).


There are two main housing services that we offer as outlined below.

Charlie’s Direct Offers

For budget or shared accommodation

Budget-friendly and sharing-friendly accommodation options are both very tough to find in Denmark’s large cities. So whether it is just you, you and your partner, or you and some friends who are looking for affordable housing, Charlie’s Direct Offers can help. With this service you get access to our full list of housing options, to help you find your home in Denmark.

There is a one-time registration cost of 250DKK and with that you not only get access to our list of suitable properties, you also know that the Charlie’s Roof team is available on phone or email to answer all your questions and help wherever possible.

If you successfully find accommodation through Charlie’s Direct Offers there is a 5000DKK success fee.

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Home search

For singles, couples and families

For singles, couples and families relocating to or within Denmark, the Home Search is the Charlie’s Roof service that will help you find what you are looking for. We search the rental market specifically for you, based on your criteria. You undertake viewings of suitable properties yourself while your relocation agent maintains dialogue with the landlord, negotiating your contract where possible. A fraud check on your contract is always included, so you know you will get the best, fairest deal possible.

The initial payment of 3250DKK covers the cost of the search and arranging viewings of suitable properties. The success fee of 3000DKK is applicable when accommodation has been secured.


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In addition to our basic housing services we offer packages combining home search and additional housing/relocation services. A brief outline is given below and more information is available on our webshop.

Home Search Plus

This package incorporates the full Home Search service including a viewing of each suitable property by a Charlie’s Roof agent on your behalf, and a lease contract explanation.


This package covers all the necessary elements of your relocation to Denmark, including preparation, the search for your home including viewings, a thorough explanation of your contract and a guide to your new area.


The complete package of our available services, to assist you or your employee with every aspect of your relocation to Denmark.

Residence Document

For EU employees. This package secures the necessary Residence Document as well as providing a home search including viewings, and help with CPR and opening a bank account.

Residence and Work Permit

For non-EU employees. This package secures the necessary Residence and Work permit as well as providing a home search including viewings, and help with CPR and opening a bank account.

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Housing Services

• Single Viewing DKK 1250,-
• Lease Contract Explanation DKK 800,-
• Housing Tour DKK 12500,-
• Key Pick Up DKK 1000,-
• Move Out Report DKK 1800,-
• Move In Report (and Key Pick Up) DKK 1700,-
• Utility Registration DKK 500,-
• Furnishing, Per Room* DKK 5000,-

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Relocation Services

• Residence and Work Permit DKK 12500,-
• Residence and Work Permit Extension DKK 11000,-
• Residence Document DKK 5500,-
• Tax Consultant DKK 2000,-
• Relocation Skype Meeting (15 minutes) DKK 150,-
• Relocation Skype Meeting (60 minutes) DKK 500,-
• 20 page Local Guide DKK 1500,-
• 3 hour Relocation Tour DKK 2500,-

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Various Services

Accommodation Already Found Package

• Single viewing
• Landlord contact (fraud check)
• Lease contract explanation

DKK 1700,-

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• Move-out report
• Order painters
• Order moving company
• Close down electricity
• Close down internet

DKK 2500,-

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Landlord Contact

We make contact with landlords of properties you are interested in. Due to our many contacts in the industry we have significantly elevated odds of being able to secure a property on your behalf. We negotiate rent and terms where possible.

Direct Offers

We know many landlords, investors, administration companies and agencies working within the property rental industry. As our client you can avail of direct offers from these sources, that aren’t offered else where on the market.

Fraud Check

As our client you can rest assured that you will never fall victim to one of the scams that exist in Copenhagen’s rental market. We check through each contract that our clients receive. You are welcome to purchase a detailed lease contract explanation if you wish to more thoroughly understand the contents of the contract.


We undertake viewings on your behalf. We can video call you from the property, or take photos and videos to share with you afterwards. We will give you our opinion on the condition, rent level etc. We negotiate with the landlord on your behalf, where possible. This is available through a package or as a stand-alone service when you have found accommodation on your own. We will still act on your behalf to evaluate the property and be ’on your side’ in relation to the landlord. This can be of particular use when you are not in Denmark but wish to secure a property.

Lease Contract Explanation

We go through your contract clause by clause to translate and explain it. When purchased as a stand alone service we will endeavour to also negotiate terms on your behalf.

Housing Tour

We will choose 5-10 suitable accommodation options in advance, in accordance with your housing criteria. We will pick you up from the airport, your hotel or whichever pick up point is most convenient. We will drive you and your family to each option and give you an in depth viewing at each property. At the end of the day we will discuss the options and then secure your favourite option for you, including undertaking any necessary negotiations. If you buy the housing tour as a single service (having found the properties on your own), we will coordinate the viewing times with the landlords, as well as undertaking any possible negotiations on your behalf. In this we have a distinct advantage as we likely already have a relationship with the landlord.

Key Pick Up

If you have made a rental agreement for accommodation and are unable to be present to pick the key up, we can do this on your behalf. You can then arrange to pick it up from our office or at another convenient meeting point. During normal working hours (09.00 – 17.00) the charge is 1.000 kroner. If the time at which we must pick the key up from the landlord or at which you pick the key up from us is outside these hours, a charge of 1.500 kroner applies.

Move In Report (incl Key Pick Up)

We act as your representative in completing a move-in report of your property. This is very important in ensuring that your deposit is returned to you after the rental period is over. We document the condition of each room, including photographs. We will store the pictures for up to 4 years. If you choose to include key pick-up, the key will be available for you to collect from our office (see key pick-up section).

Move Out Report

We will show up upon move out and do the report together with landlord. We know what to be aware of – and what your landlord can ask of you and what not.

Utility Registration

We will act on your behalf to register you with the relevant electricity, gas, water, internet authority.


Many rented apartments in Denmark are unfurnished. We can provide basic furniture in order for your apartment to be ready for you to move in to. Included are a bed, a table, chairs, lamps and kitchen equipment – just to get you started. It costs 5.000 kroner per room and then the furniture is yours to keep. Alternatively, we can be hired to receive and set up furniture that you have ordered for delivery, so that your apartment is ready for you when you arrive. Prices on request.


Residence and Work Permit

We will assist you from A to Z in the process of getting your work and residence permit.

Residence and Work Permit Extension

Assistance every step of the way of getting your work and residence permit extended.

Residence Document

This document is necessary to get your CPR and become registered fully in Denmark, we will assist you in obtaining it, guiding you every step of the way.

Tax Advisor

You will get 1 hour consultancy with a Danish tax advisor who knows what it is like to come from abroad and not know the Danish system and rules.

Relocation Meeting (via Skype)

You will meet with an agent, either via Skype or face-to-face. They will help you get feel for the Danish rental market and a variety of other factors that will impact your relocation and your experience here. This is especially beneficial for clients who are not sure which area to consider living in, not familiar with costs etc.

20 page Local Guide

A guide is prepared for you based on your location, your job, your interests and your specific situation. It is a personal guide written specifically for you in order to help you navigate your way around your new area with ease. It will include things like where you can do your favourite sport, what public transport to take to work/activities, where your local pharmacy/school/library is etc. This is provided for Charlies Roof clients by Dejlige Days Welcome.

3 hour Relocation Tour

An agent will take you on a 3 hour tour of your new neighbourhood. They will not only show you the highlights of your new area but also the basics such as where to buy groceries, how to get from A to B etc. Furthermore, it gives your the opportunity to talk to someone who is knowledgeable about Denmark and the challenges of relocating, and ask any questions you may have.

Accommodation Already Found Package

If you are abroad and have found a rental on your own, we will finalise the deal for you – viewing the property, making sure your contract is not fraudulent and negotiating terms where possible. You will also receive a full explanation of your Danish lease contract.

Move Out Package

This package looks after all of the most important elements related to moving out. We will complete a move-out report, which is paramount to getting your deposit back. We will order painters, decorators, and a moving company, as necessary. We will close down your utility accounts and help you to settle any open accounts.