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Aarhus is growing, and it’s growing fast!

Aarhus has always been a city in a constant development, but it’s only recently that the development has also started to affect the very centre of Aarhus. It all began with Ceresbyen. A city within the city, comprised of office buildings, apartments to let, and apartments to buy. Ceresbyen is rapidly approaching its final state, and so far it looks like the brand new area of Aarhus is already being enjoyed by its very diverse population. Inhabitants range from young student singles and couples, to elderly retired “Aarhusianerer” who just wants to be at the centre of everything happening in the city of smiles.

All of Ceresbyen in one picture –

Along with Ceresbyen The Island of Aarhus or Aarhus Ø has also seen a rapid growth in its creation. There is almost no space left for architectural wonders, which can now be seen towering along the beautiful Aarhus harbour waters. The Island is home to the most controversial and innovative architectural designs ever seen in Aarhus. This is also why many new comers, as well as Aarhus born people, are moving to this ever growing part of Aarhus. The designs to watch include “The Iceberg”, and “Aarhus Lighthouse” as well as several others.

The lighthouse towering on it’s own little separate part of The Island of Aarhus –

Last but not least, the old “Latinerkvarter” is also experiencing a lot of changes, this both in terms of renovations, but also brand new projects such as “Latinergården”. Situated right in between the lovely restaurant and café occupied streets of Mejlgade and the busy hub of Klostertorvet, the new housing project is arguably the best place to live in Aarhus. With the life of Aarhus inner city literally buzzing right outside your bedroom window, and the busy minds of Aarhus university just a 2 min bike ride away from your underground cycle parking, what more could you ask for. Oh yeah, I almost forgot the… water, beaches and lush Danish forests, which can be found just 3-5 min away. All in all, I wouldn’t mind living there, and I don’t think any other person who knows Aarhus would either.

Latinergården in the heart of Aarhus –

I chose to settle down in Ceresbyen, while the wait for the new apartments closer to city centre, where just too long for me to handle. However, now that I have been living here for quite some time, I do not regret my decision one bit. Ceresbyen is full of life, especially in terms of young students having fun, socializing and occasionally partying in the courtyard. I couldn’t imagine a better environment for someone to experience, who has never been to Aarhus, and I cannot wait until the entire site is finalized.

There are even more projects being build e.g. “Nabolaget” right next to Aarhus BSS, as this blog post is being written, and it just comes to show that Aarhus is a city which needs to be taking seriously as a key player in terms of making Denmark relevant to internationals. Aarhus is the city of smiles, and that is honestly not just a saying… you try and join our lovely city, and I’m sure that you will be adding yet another smile to the city.

There are still apartments available in many of the locations above, so if you have been intrigued by this blog post, then you might not be far away from being part of one of these evolving communities.