Fun facts about Denmark

Denmark is a wonderful little nation with fantastic people (for the most part!) Considering moving here? Good idea, we say. Just be aware that it rains or snows on average every second day and that the rental market is a pain! But no worries: we have lots of umbrellas for the rain, good winter clothes for the snow and Charlie’s Roof for the rentals.

Facts about Denmark:

  • Danes have twice as many bicycles as cars: actually 50% of Copenhageners commute to work every day by bike –  come rain come shine. And Denmark doesn’t have bike lanes; it has special elevated roads for bicycles!
  • The Danish monarchy is the oldest continuing monarchy in the world
  • Danes have a strong sense of irony!
  • Denmark is considered the “least corrupt” country in the world.
  • Denmark is surrounded by beaches and all Danes know how to swim. Swimming lessons are part of the compulsory curriculum in all state schools. There is not a single place in Denmark that is more than 50 km from the sea and the Copenhagen harbour is clean enough to swim in!
  • Denmark actually has a place to surf called Cold Hawaii, and it is one of the best beaches in Scandinavia for surfing
  • Danes are certified foodies. They are the fifth largest exporter of food in the world, despite their small population and Copenhagen has more Michelin-starred restaurants than any other city in Scandinavia.
  • Danes have a special word “hygge” for that cozy feeling of togetherness. It means relaxing in great company.
  • Copenhagen’s Strøget, at almost 2 miles (3.2 km) long, is the oldest and longest pedestrian street in the world.
  • Walt Disney visited Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen once and was so inspired that he decided to create something similar in America: Disneyland! But Dyrehavsbakken, or Bakken, located within Denmark’s peaceful Dyrehaven, is the world’s oldest amusement park.
  • Denmark’s national flag, the Dannebrog (the flag of the Danes), is the oldest flag in the world.
  • Charlie’s Roof is the friendliest housing agency in Denmark with dedicated agents waiting to help you find your dream Danish rental!