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Building a New Website – a Guide for Dummies

It’s been four weeks since Charlie’s Roof was born: the name, the brand, the website, the webshop; it was all launched on one hectic day in October. A daunting challenge for even the most experienced of entrepreneurs or branding specialists, neither of which we are! However, what we lack in IT and marketing knowledge, we make up for in heart, commitment, drive and love for what we do, so we somehow made it through the last few months and out the other side unscathed (well, relatively).

We love our new name and the brand that comes with – and we have had lots of good feedback from clients and industry contacts alike. No more confusion between us and some of our colleagues in housing! Now we stand alone … which comes with some pressure to deliver stand-out service. But as ever, we are up to the challenge. The change to the name and website also incorporated some change to our services, in structure and in content. The goal hasn’t changed though: we aim to help as many people as possible find and settle into their new home in Denmark. The new structure aims to make it easier for our clients to choose the services applicable to them, without having to pay for services they won’t use.

We are so happy with our new website as it was definitely time for a change in that department. As is not uncommon, the work required to make a new website from scratch was drastically underestimated by all of us (except our fearless developer, Frank Wiwe, whose warnings we foolishly ignored). But let’s focus on the positives, which are that we are 99% of the way there to the finished product, just a few final touches left! We hope you love it, and we are very open to feedback if there are things you think are great, or could be better.

Celebrating our new website launch!