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Charlie’s Roof in Aarhus

Charlie’s Roof has a new guy in Aarhus and this is something that we are very excited about. Aarhus has always been a city of interest for internationals – and this year Aarhus University had a record high number of international applicants to the university. 3.676 EU citizens alone registered to enrol at Aarhus University. We at Charlie’s Roof, would of course be delighted to help as many internationals as possible find accommodation in Aarhus and the surrounding areas. The story goes that students in Aarhus sometimes have to live in tents in parks and on balconies (!) in August/September when studies are commencing. We have a great desire to make life easier for these people, and hopefully we can help ease their move to Denmark.

The rest of Jutland also has many interesting workplaces for internationals, such as Vestas, Arla, Lego, Bestseller and Danfoss – and our aim is to help as many as these new employees settle down painlessly in Denmark. So if you know anyone who needs help find their feet and a roof over their head in Jutland, please refer them to us. We are ready to help!

Daniel Nissen Lauritsen – our guy in Aarhus – has years of experience on the housing market. He has spent time living in London, so he knows the challenges of living away from your birth country and fitting into a new society, with new people, rules and norms. If you ask him, the best decision he ever made in his life was to move to another country, and thereby experience a new culture, which ultimately made him feel like he was living a different life. Almost like a fresh start, that didn’t reset his life back in Denmark, but instead provided him with brand new opportunities while living in London.

“I moved to London at a young age. I was 18, and I was concerned with the fact that people might not want to take me seriously. We all have our prejudices about other cities, countries and continents, and before I got on the plane I thought to myself; how will I ever get a job that both interests me, motivates me, and drives me? My second questions was more along the lines of; where am I supposed to live? Isn’t London crazy expensive? Should I maybe just stay for a shorter period of time, so that I do not have to worry about this? Luckily all of those questions were answered right when I met my Danish roommates at the Hostel, where I began my journey. My 6-month trip, turned into a year, and when the time had arrived for me to go back home and begin my studies at university, I did not want to leave.”

– Daniel Nissen Lauritsen, Housing Manager Aarhus


Charlie’s Roof welcomes Daniel and all of our future Aarhus and Jutland based clients. For the rest of 2017 Daniel has decided that he wants to help as many internationals move to Denmark, so that they can hopefully have the same experience as he did upon leaving Denmark for another country. Charlie’s Roof Aarhus will do this by giving all new clients looking for accommodation in Jutland a 20% discount on your success fee.

We are so excited to hear from all of you, whether you are explorers, students, professors, expats, lost or whatever you are! At Charlie’s Roof we are here to guide you through the ever intimidating Danish housing market.

Welcome to the family!