Charlie’s Direct Offers

As a member of Charlie’s Direct Offers, you have access to an exclusive list of properties for rent in Copenhagen and surrounding areas. Properties on this list are suitable for:

  • Singles and couples who wish to rent their own studio or small apartment, with a budget of under 11000DKK excluding utilities
  • Singles and couples who wish to rent a room in a shared apartment

Our currently available properties are listed below. We endeavour to keep the list accurately updated, but it may happen from time to time that a property on the list has already been rented out. Due to the nature of the rental market in Copenhagen options can come and go from the list on a very regular basis.

Click on the ‘More Details’ button to see further information about a property, and use the ‘Book Viewing’ button to automatically be put in the queue for a viewing. Viewings are allocated on a First Come First Served basis. You will be notified about possible viewing times by a Charlie’s Roof agent after pressing ‘Book Viewing’.

Please note! You need to buy access to Charlie's Direct Offers & be logged in to be able to book viewings and find yourself a place to live.

Unfurnished 2 room apartment in Ordrup (Charlottenlund)

Size 2 rooms, 50-70 m2
Rent DKK 10500 + 1036 (water/heat),- (from 01-12-2022)

Unfurnished studios in Valby

Size 1 rooms, less than 50 m2
Rent DKK from 7250 to 8500 + utiilities,- (from 01-01-2023)

Unfurnished 2 room apartments in Valby

Size 2 rooms, less than 50 m2
Rent DKK 10300 + 650 utilities,- (from 01-01-2023)

Unfurnished studios in Nørrebro (for age 18 - 31)

Size 1 rooms, not available
Rent DKK Between 8100 and 8650 + utilities 400 (water/heat),- (from 01-12-2022)

Newly built furnished studios in Islands Brygge

Size 1 rooms, less than 50 m2
Rent DKK 8800 + 400 utilities (water/heat),- (from 01-11-2022)

Newly built unfurnished studios in Vesterbro

Size 1 rooms, less than 50 m2
Rent DKK between 8600 and 8700 + 400 utilities (heat/water),- (from 01-12-2022)