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Halloween in Denmark

Halloween is coming!

This tradition has grown rapidly over the past number of years in Denmark.

10 years ago it was almost non-existent, and while it has become quite popular, there are still some people out there who don’t partake. For these people Fastelavn ( is the day for dressing-up in Denmark.

So maybe just prepare your kids that they might also meet these people when they are Trick-or-Treating! Speaking of, in Danish it’s called “Slik eller ballade” which directly translates as “candy or trouble”.

As the average Dane gets more and more into Halloween, spookiness is spreading everywhere; even on public buses!








Some people really go the extra mile to get into the Halloween spirit. There’s a garden on Sorrentovej in Amager where the owners have gone all out with the spooky decorations, and they allow the public in to visit and see what they have created. Take your kids for a fun (and free!) Halloween visit; the garden is open for the week preceding the 31st of October.

So, with that we say HAPPY HALLOWEEN from the Team at Charlie’s Roof!

Ps: If you or someone you know would like to spend next Halloween in a new home in Denmark, reach out to us on