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Malmø – worth a visit!

If you’re looking for a nice destination for a short city break, Malmø is a great choice.

Only 30 minutes from central Copenhagen and for less than 200 DKK return on the train, Malmø is a beautiful city with lots of things to see and do. There is the beautiful old city with its cobbled streets and timbered houses, in which you can find lovely bars and restaurants. Also the architecture in many of the new buildings is impressive: take a look at the Turning Torso for example.

The shopping opportunities are absolutely fantastic (and cheaper than in Denmark!). They have shops for absolutely everything: for example if you are into hard rock you MUST go to ‘Shock’. This store has typical rock outfits, accessories and shoes. And even if you’re not into that kind of stuff, the store itself with its music and extreme atmosphere is worth a visit. See:

You can also take a ‘pedalo trip’ on the lake that runs through Malmø and go for a trip to Folkets Park which is free and offers many fun activities for kids and adults. You can picnic here, bathe in the summer and ice skate in the winter. There are also cafés, a terrarium, flea markets and much more. Take a look here: .

In terms of gastronomy Malmø also has a lot to offer, and prices in restaurants and cafés are generally lower than in Copenhagen (except for alcohol). There are so many cosy coffee shops in Malmø, and they all have excellent WiFi and cinnamon rolls (a typical Swedish cake). Some of the best are:

A slightly different café where they also sell music (it’s basically a music store which also has a café) is: A great atmosphere and again, just slightly different than what you find in Copenhagen.

For vegetarians and vegans, there are also many options, such as:

They are all super cosy, very affordable and with great food.

Things you absolutely have to do in Malmø:

  • Buy cheap candy (‘godis’). Candy in Sweden is half the price of candy in Denmark, due to the lack of fees/charges on sugar in Sweden.
  • Have a cinnamon roll at a bakery store (Kanelbulla!)
  • Walk around the old city and small town square (Lilla Torg). It is extremely ‘hygge’!
  • Go shopping in the city centre. You can really get some bargains here, compared to shopping in Denmark.

The trip alone, over Øresundsbroen, is worth a lot – especially for kids. So! We recommend taking a trip over the bridge for a weekend, next time you feel like getting away for a bit.