Accommodation Already Found Package


If you have secured accommodation using a different method than Charlie’s Roof we can still help you to ensure you are getting a fair deal from a reputable landlord, by viewing the property, negotiating with the landlord and providing a detailed explanation of your rent contract.



The Danish rental market is very competitive and due to the huge demand for accommodation, a small number of people try to take advantage of those who are not as experienced with it. At Charlie’s Roof we only work with reputable agents and landlords but we want to be able offer that same security to expats who are not our clients. The Accommodation Already Found package allows us to do this, by helping you who have already found accommodation through another channel check that a deal is legitimate. We do this by viewing the property, checking the landlords background and checking through your rental contract. We will then provide you with a full and detailed explanation of your lease contract so that you are under no illusions as to what you are signing.