Residence & Work Permit, CPR, Bank… (EU citizens)


EU citizens residing in Denmark must apply for a Residence Document if they wish to stay more than 3 months; this service provides A-Z assistance in obtaining the document.


Even EU citizens must obtain documentation to legalise their stay in Denmark, and particularly to allow them to access public services with their CPR number. An EU Residence Document is an essential part of obtaining the CPR. The following services include:

• EU Residence Document (work permit for EU citizens)
• Danish CPR number
• Danish Bank Account
• NemID/MitID
• E-boks setup

We make sure to collect the correct data and information together with the future employee.
We personally accompany you by car to and from the relevant Danish authorities and the bank and make sure that the path through the Danish system goes smooth.
Our price for this package = DKK 10,000 + VAT

We can also offer a smaller package where we do not drive you to relevant authority and the
bank but take care of the rest mentioned in the dots above. DKK 7,300 + VAT