Move Out Package


To save you hassle when you are moving out from your apartment or house, we can look after ordering painters and decorators, and terminating contracts with utility providers. We will also prepare your move-out report which is essential in getting your deposit back.


Many renters in Denmark experience some difficulty in the final stages of their lease contract. There are many horror stories of large sums being taken by landlords from deposits, so every precaution is necessary to ensure you don’t fall victim to the same. A move-out report is an essential part of this as it carefully documents the condition of the property so that only the correct amount can be taken from the deposit to restore damage and renovate. When it is required to do some refurbishment works we can coordinate with painters and decorators as necessary. We will also look after closing your contracts with utility providers, and order a moving company for you as necessary. All of these services are included in the Move Out Package.