Residence & Work Permit, CPR, Bank… (non-EU)


Assistance with every step of the process of getting a Residence and Work Permit, CPR, Bank account, NemID/MitID and eBoks for non-EU citizens coming to work in Denmark.


Every non-EU citizen who wishes to accept an employment contract in Denmark needs to apply for a Residence and Work permit. Our consultant will guide you through the entire process, securing every step. This includes:

• Danish Work and Residence permit/Pay Limit Scheme
• Danish CPR number
• Danish Bank Account
• NemID/MitID
• E-boks setup

We make sure to collect the correct data and information together with the future employee.
We apply for the work permit on your behalf – including Power of attorneys from the hiring company and the employee.
We guide the employee through the process on how to obtain biometric features in the country they are in.
When the work permit is ready, we send it to the employee and the employer.
We personally accompany you by car to and from the relevant Danish authorities and the bank and make sure that the path through the Danish system goes smooth.
Our price for this package = DKK 12,000 + VAT

We can also deliver a smaller package where we do not drive you  to relevant authority and the bank but take care of the rest mentioned in the dots above.
DKK 9,300 + VAT.

The Danish authority SIRI takes a fee for a non-EU citizen to apply for a Danish work and residence permit. That fee is mandatory for every non-EU applicant and is on top of our price (2021-fee level):
DKK 4.405 incl. VAT= fee to the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration/SIRI for processing the application
DKK 1.600 incl. VAT = fee to the Danish embassy in the country the non-EU applicant are in to give in biometric features