Rent out your apartment or room

Rent out your apartment or room with Charlie’s Roof: it is free to find a great tenant!

It has never been so easy to rent out your apartment or room!

Charlies Roof offers a free service for all the landlords that are looking for the perfect tenants. We can connect you with highly educated professional and students, Danish or international, who are looking for accommodation for both the short and long term around Copenhagen and Aarhus.

If you own a property that you would like to rent, contact us to find tenants that will take care of your place. Our customers look for large and small homes, furnished and unfurnished, or they often look for just a room.

We can manage the first connections between landlord and potential tenant(s), and then organise a meeting in order to let you meet in person. We will help you with the rental contract, and we are available for any basic question and doubt that you may have when renting your property. Nonetheless, we can act as administrators or advisors.

Everything is totally free for you, together with the possibility to stay in touch with us for any issue that you will face during the process.

We are perfectly aware that the Danish housing situation is quite complicated. We have the decided to face these problems using something that you will hardly find on any other platform or website: Here you can find everything about us, and here you can find some reviews from our customers.

Get in touch

Contact us for any additional information, for meeting us or checking if we have a good tenant for your property. Please include a brief describtion of the location, size and possible rental period – and we’ll get back to you promptly.

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