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Copenhagen bathrooms

Most newcomers to Copenhagen will have a shock when they come across their first ‘Copenhagen Bathroom’ – a sink, shower and toilet squeezed into an impossibly tiny space. And this often in an otherwise nice, modern, stylish apartment! Ever wondered about this peculiar quirk of Copenhagen architecture? We have the answers to your questions!

Back in the day, many apartments in Copenhagen used to have a shared bathroom in the basement or courtyard that the residents of each housing block used. But the demand for higher living standards changed preferences and people started to want their own private bathrooms. Even if that means having the shower and the toilet in less than one square meter! Not many apartments in Copenhagen have the space for a medium or large bathroom, as many apartment buildings were built in the late 19th or early 20th century, before private bathrooms were a popular concept. And baths? Forget about it!

Some apartment owners have decided that this set-up is not the right one and have taken a different approach to solving the problem of where to bathe. If there is no room for a shower in the bathroom, then you just need to find somewhere else for it, right? Here at Charlie’s Roof we have seen shower cabins in bedrooms, and even in the kitchen!

So if you are moving to Copenhagen, leave your bath salts, and inhibitions, behind you – you’ll be needing neither!