Stephanie Erev

A+ Experience

We signed with Charlie’s Roof after coming up empty-handed searching for a new place to live in Copenhagen—in need of both proximity to my new workplace AND a dog-friendly landlord. At first, our situation felt close to hopeless: I received this job offer while on another long-term work trip in Europe, and we had but 7 weeks to find an apartment; meanwhile, I also had to make it back to the US, and we needed to sell most of our stuff and pack up the rest, and everything in order for an intercontinental move (if you’ve made one, you know all that this entails…).

Mercifully, Nathalie entered our lives at the moment we feared everything would fall apart. We could tell instantly that this person was highly competent, an excellent listener and hard worker, and I’m happy to share that our relationship with Nathalie seemed only to improve with each new interaction.

Nathalie’s knowledge of the Copenhagen rental market is truly something to behold and put us instantly at ease. She took so much of the stress off our plate, allowing us to focus on things we could actually control. She is always extremely prompt to reply, courteous yet funny, and, overall, a delight to work with.

The phrase “above and beyond” gets thrown around so frequently that its meaning can easily get lost. But there is no misconstruing the level of Nathalie’s commitment to her clients: thinking we’d secure ourselves a “bed” to sleep on that first night in our otherwise empty apartment, we brought along our air mattress from the U.S.——forgetting that our outlet converters were not actually transformers. So, after 18+ hours of travel time with an anxious dog, and in a brand new country where we do not yet speak the language, it looked like we’d all be sleeping on some beautiful but very hard solid pine floors. Instead, Nathalie came to our rescue: she drove home and returned with not one but two air mattresses she had stored in her basement. Talk about above and beyond.

Thank you Charlie’s Roof—and THANK YOU, NATHALIE!—for helping us relocate to Denmark on such a tight timeline with most of our sanity intact. If you’re reading this and still on the fence, go for it: you won’t be disappointed!