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Ângela Ribeiro, Researcher, Copenhagen University

A colleague introduced me to Charlotte Larsen after I spent nearly two months searching for a home to rent in Copenhagen without no success.

My move to Copenhagen coincided with time of the year when competition for a house is quite high – August/September. I was brand new to the city, to the country and to the whole housing system. Searching for a home was requiring me to be glued to my computer searching several websites to perhaps have a chance to go see a house while trying to do actual work. Frustration was the prevalent feeling.

After contacting Charlotte and letting her know about my housing preferences, it took only a few days for her to find me a potential apartment. In fact, the apartment was pretty much what I was looking for, that I ended up renting the place. I could not have been happier with Charlottes services! I would totally recommend her services for anyone who understands that time is priceless.