Monamie Bhadra Haines

A thoroghly worry-free and relaxed experience. Our family is moving to Denmark this July, and the logistics were a bit of a nightmare, as we were trying to organize everything from Singapore, and in the midst of a pandemic. But from the very first communication Nathalie made us feel as if we were in safe hands. She is really the whole package: warm, attentive, personable, hard-working and effective. She laid out very clearly the expectations of our relationship, and was very responsive to searches we found, and shared what she had found. Nathalie was REALLY great about showing us around places virtually, asking agencies for videos of potential places, and providing her assessment of the livability of the place. After we settled on a place, she was very effective in communicating with the agency and making sure they sent us documents in a timely manner. Our minds were completely at ease knowing that Nathalie was taking care of us! Thank you very much!!