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Surya Prayaga, Digital Enterprise Architect

My name is Surya. I’m an Architect in one of the biggest multi national organizations in Denmark. I moved to Copenhagen during the month of August which is a crazy period to move and getting a 2 room apartment is very difficult and even if you find it you have a long waiting list. I tried my luck with online portals and other agencies but nothing was turning out to be good. Through Facebook I got in touch with Copenhagen Housing Team and had no regrets later. I’ve been in touch with Charlotte and team to look at different options. Out of all the great options, I chose the one convenient to me. So everyone should understand that they keep the client first. Charlotte Larsen is one of the finest and friendly agent you don’t want to miss if you are moving to Copenhagen. She understands your needs and is very transparent in providing the right information in terms of rent, area etc. Every penny you pay to her company is worth it. Most important thing to note is she and her team does work with passion and such kind of people never disappoint the clients who come in need of their help. Their initiative of sponsoring a child at SOS, shows their respect towards their work. She is a good inspiration for any to-be entrepreneurs. For people moving to Copenhagen for good, if you don’t believe in angels, please get in touch with Charlotte and Team, you will change your opinion.