Valia R.

This is the second time we used Charlie’s Roof Home Search services.
As returning customers, it was both times very helpful.
Our last dedicated agent, Nathalie, was very understanding of our needs and respectful to our budget limitations. In the beginning, the proposed options were not ideal but after we analyzed in detail what we were looking for and we gave Nathalie constructive feedback the options grew closer to what we were looking for.
Being on the same page and building a clear-cut and direct communication was the key in our home search. We would have liked to have had even more viewings, but we understand that had a strong correlation with what was available in the market at that moment.
Nathalie was always available to answer our questions, guide us through and ease our worries. She patiently listened to our concerns and thoroughly explained significant details about apartment hunting procedures.
Her reflexes were acute when a viewing was to be planned and when we found the apartment we liked, a second viewing was scheduled fast enough to help us make the final decision with no stress.
All in all, Nathalie played a significant role in putting a smile on our faces and a nice roof upon our heads !