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The story behind the Offer List

The Offer List (which used to be called the Budget and Shared Accommodation Service) has been my baby since I started with Copenhagen Housing. When I first met with Charlotte and we discussed the needs of the company, it was clear that we needed to find a way of helping room seekers, those looking to share an apartment with friends and those looking for budget accommodation in Copenhagen. When Charlotte started the company, she already knew from her previous experience that it would be far more difficult to find suitable properties for these clients than for ‘regular’ clients (singles, couples and families with higher budgets). Therefore, it wasn’t possible to charge them a start-up fee, the same as for her other clients, because she wasn’t certain that she would be able to find them what they were looking for. But nonetheless, sometimes perfect offers cheap apartments, rooms, or apartments suitable for sharing would come to her via her contacts, and she would not have any clients for them. This seemed like a total waste! So something needed to be done about it…

When fate brought me and Charlotte together in September 2016, one of the first things I did was start working on the Offer List. This was a way of accumulating clients looking for these kinds of housing so that when the offers came from contacts, we had a dedicated list of interested clients. By just charging a small registration fee to cover the administration involved in registering clients and maintaining the service, the service is accessible to as many people as possible, something which we really value at Charlie’s Roof. We keep the success fees for this service as low as possible for the same reason. And as with all of our services, if you don’t find an apartment through us, you don’t pay.

I am always working on developing and advancing the Offer List. I’ve sussed out the usual suspects for cheap apartments and the most sharing-friendly landlords and I’m always trying my best to find more. It’s still a work-in-progress but we hope in time to be able to help all of our Offer List clients find the perfect place for them. And now that Elke is working on the Offer List with me as well, we can achieve that goal even faster.